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It is a thermal insulation, composed by one or several layers of fibbers and by reflective blades, with its exterior in aluminium. They have the advantage of being presented on market with a width of 1.25 m, with a variable length between 5,4 and 24 m. Thus we can apply a height ensuring no amendments seamless continuity of insulation With the outer layers of aluminium, seamless intermediate or any kind of glue to attach the various covers, these products behave in a manner similar to the quilt that we use in our beds, adding the fact that you possess a higher thermal resistance and form a vapor barrier.

The Reflectherm Quilt has to be applied on 2cm double sided layer of air between the insulation and the adjacent walls.

Insensitive to moisture, totally malleable and adaptable to any surface, enhances to its thermal properties the same acoustic properties we find on mineral wool. Comparatively from air bubble products, they are added with a very substantial amount of thermal resistance, leading us in the walls, the values of heat transfer coefficients "U" between 0.4 and 0.5 (W / m². ° K). The thermal Reflectherm quilt doesn’t react with the environment, ensuring the quality of air from the space they treat. 

*Reflectherm reserves the right to improve products without prior notice.

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