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Despite of her only  9 years of existence , Reflectherm counts with all the scientific knowledge acquired over 16 years by the manager Mr. Rui Oliveira. Training in RCCTE (Regulation of the characteristics of the Thermal Behavior of the edifications) , recognized by the Engineer’s Order. Training in SCE (System of Energetic Certification), for Qualified Expert , certified by ADENE, that grant the guaranty, the knowledge and the responsibility of correctly inform and prescribe any solution. Training on Acoustic of edifications. We prescribe thermal and acoustic solutions, as well as we reject the non conformed ones, placing above all, the interest of the final client that is the consumer.

Is to contribute to the solution of the energetic dependence of the country, on the measure that we project the surrounding of dwellings, in order to provide an adequate conservation of the energy. Over 50% of our external deficit results from the energy bill facture, so it is our duty to inform and contribute to the non waste. The cheaper energy is the not consumed one.

With the technology resulting from the utilization of low emissivity materials , witch is by itself innovative, despite of being well released and sufficiently regulated in France,   adds that Reflectherm developed a set of new materials designated by Thermal Quilts  for the house, to put as spread insulation the put spread as insulation, when configured on a double air box. We are developing a solution of thermal insulation through the exterior, to the situation of ventilated façade that we will soon present to the scientific community and to the constructive one.

* Reflectherm has a Quality Manual.

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